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Why should we choose wooden toys ?

Why should we choose wooden toys ?

  1. The raw material advantages of wooden toys   

  1. Most of its raw materials come from natural sources. Compared with other toys, it has less chemical substances. It is green and environmentally friendly, and it smells of a light wood fragrance.

  2. Because of the diversity of wood materials, the selection of wooden toys is also flexible and changeable. Therefore, a wide variety of wooden toys has been created, and the patterns have changed from the original monotony, and most of the products are countless.

  3. Wooden toys not only look light and exquisite, they are moderately priced, their colors are also bright and colorful, and they are easy to operate and are very popular among parents, friends and children.

  4. Wooden toys benefit from the natural raw materials and are easy to clean and maintain.

  5. Another major feature is that it is less harmful and especially suitable for children to play.

  2. Functional advantages of wooden toys   

  The main function of wooden toys is to allow children to improve the coordination of hands and feet, hand-eye coordination and other physical functions, which need training and gradually build up. Toys are one of the best training tools. For example, when a child builds a box of building blocks into a figure, in addition to using his mind, he also needs to cooperate with his hands. Therefore, toys are of great benefit to children's muscle activity and physical function development. The following different classifications of wooden toys will talk about the advantages:

  1. The advantages of wooden toys for preschool education:   

  While training the baby's inlay ability, practice the big movements, train the children's fine movements, inspire the children to accurately understand the shape, number, and quantity, and then exercise the flexibility of the muscles.

  2. Advantages of role-playing wooden toys:   

  In role games, children play different roles, and different roles have different identities, and different identities have different performances, such as various languages, actions, images, etc. These different roles are the children’s contribution to the future society. Initial experience of role identity.

  It is an important part of early childhood education that children learn to communicate and be good at communication, and role games are a game activity that cultivates children to develop correct communication behaviors.

  The children imitate the words and deeds of adults in the game, and experience the feelings of adults. This initial experience will have profound significance for children to assume the true role of the future society.

  3. The advantages of wooden tools and wooden toys:

  In the process of letting babies know and master the shape, color and structure of the calling tools, it will train the babies and young children's actual hands-on operation ability and hand-eye coordination ability, and develop their imagination. Improve infant's cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, and encourage children's sense of accomplishment

  4. The advantages of wooden beaded wooden toys:   

  Beading exercises can exercise your child’s hand-eye coordination ability, the cooperation and cooperation of the hands and the exquisiteness of the hands, making the baby’s wrist more flexible. At the same time, children can count, perform simple additions and subtractions, use shapes for matching, classification, etc.

  5. Advantages of wooden toys like building blocks:   

  Stimulate baby’s hands-on interest, cultivate children’s spatial imagination ability of reasonable combination and match awareness, and let them recognize different colors and shapes; exercise baby’s hand-eye coordination ability; understand geometric shapes and how many numbers; cultivate the ability to classify shapes and colors; improve Baby's imagination

  6. Advantages of dragging wooden toys:   

  Improve the baby's cognitive ability, let them know the different characteristics of various animals according to different drag animals, and exercise the baby's ability to walk in a large range.

  On the basis of a certain understanding of the structure of trains, automobiles and various engineering vehicles, babies can train their ability to assemble, drag and organize, improve their hands-on awareness and self-care ability, and understand the transformation relationship between objects through assembly.

  8. Advantages of puzzle wooden toys:   

  It is composed of various forms of puzzles with rich content. Based on children's knowledge of the combination, division, and recombination of graphics, the ability of independent thinking is exercised, and the patience and perseverance of infants and young children are cultivated. .

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