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All beautiful childhoods are accompanied by wooden toys

All beautiful childhoods are accompanied by wooden toys

  Compared with metal and plastic, wood is friendly to children in terms of temperature, hardness, look and feel, and weight. The ideal childhood has a magical synesthesia with wood: warm, soft, colorful, and light.

  Because of this, wood is the core material for making toys, it is easier to match with the connecting piece, and the coloring is convenient.

  Whether it is a team alone or a joint dedication with other materials, wood will always be the protagonist of Toy Story; whether it is played in true colors or with heavy makeup, wood will always reveal a unique beauty.

  Shan Xu Rong and Liang Niying of the School of Furniture and Industrial Design of Nanjing Forestry University wrote an article that divided wooden toys into stacked, spliced, assembled and fixed, interactive and other structural types, and the connection forms were divided into tenon joints and glue joints. , Mechanical bonding, binding and combining.

  The representative of stacked wooden toys are building blocks and jigsaw puzzles. In the industry, the plates are usually used to plan, saw, mill, and turn into the required shape, then drill holes as needed, and finally polished smoothly without leaving sharp corners.

  Common splicing toys include wooden puzzles, three-dimensional assembling toys and Luban locks. Most of these toys have the characteristics of "brain burning", which can exercise people's deep thinking and concentration, so some adults also like them very much. Most of these toys require the processing of the connecting structure, and the bumps are made by laser cutting or wire cutting.

  Assembled and fixed wooden toys are generally fixed in shape, which are represented by wooden horses, abacus, dragging ducklings, etc. The structure of this kind of toys is more complicated, and attention should be paid to the concealment of tiny fasteners when designing the structure.

  Interactive toys include baby wooden knocking piano, mini wooden drum, mini wooden piano and so on. Such wooden toys are generally heavier, with more complex external shapes and internal structures, and belong to the "high structure" part of the toy.

  There are many forms of connection of wooden toys.

  No extra parts are needed for the tenon joint, and the traditional Chinese wooden structure provides a source of wisdom for it.

  Glue bonding is convenient and quick, but needs to pay attention to environmental protection, health and safety standards.

  The mechanical connection adopts the achievements of modern industry, and the connection of nails and nuts has a strong mechanical style.

  The buckle, binding combination, and the mix and match of wood and other materials make wooden toys more diverse.

  The development of wooden toys reflects people's attention to green, health, and environmental issues. Really high-end wooden toys are designed to be purely natural, pollution-free, and recyclable. The products of Wonderworld, a well-known toy brand in Thailand and Medicom Toy, a well-known toy company in Japan, often highlight environmental protection.

  The artistic sense of wood is more vividly reflected in the hands of the designer. The natural form expresses the essence of the toy and gives people spiritual comfort; the abstract form expresses the intellectual factors of the toy and attracts people to explore; the artistic form expresses the aesthetic value of the toy and gives people a sense of beauty. The Swedish brand PLAYSAM pursues a concise and abstract style, which is loved by adults and children.

  The most common materials for wooden toys sold in the domestic market are: pine, birkin, basswood, basswood plywood, MDF, beech, and rubber wood.

  Adler said: "Fortunate people are healed by childhood all their lives, and unfortunate people are healing childhood all their lives."

  International Andersen Prize winner Cao Wenxuan said: "In fact, a person can never get out of his childhood in his entire life."

  Then, the childhood warmed by wooden toys will become an important source of happiness for everyone in their lives.

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